Are you ready for some new ideas and approaches to reframe your parenting challenges?

Welcome! I love working with parents to help them discover ways to experience more joy and connectedness to themselves and their families through parent coaching. I believe that parenting is one of the most challenging, rewarding, and important jobs people can take on in their lives, and yet there is no one guidebook that suits all of us. Parent coaching will help you use your experience and wisdom to find solutions and practices that are uniquely suited to your family. Learning to appreciate each child as an individual, and finding ways to connect and communicate well with each member of your family, takes love and effort, and creates relationships that will last a lifetime. If you are struggling as a parent, you are not alone, and you have an opportunity to grow, learn, and experience hope and joy.

Through parent coaching, I will help you lower your stress and create space for reflection, new awareness, and transformation of old patterns into new life-giving patterns that spill out into many areas of your life in ways that will surprise and delight you. We will look at difficult and wonderful moments together, face fears, and engage in little changes that yield big results over time. What I love about parent coaching is that we start with where you are, and help you move towards where you want to be, through a journey that is always full of meaningful connections and “A-ha!” moments. You will experience new energy, love, and appreciation within your family.

I sought out a parenting coach myself years ago when struggling with some difficult and entrenched dynamics in our family, and was amazed at how some new perspectives and practices helped us shift our interactions and create more peace and goodwill within our family. I was an effective elementary and middle school teacher for many years, and parenting three children continually challenges me to keep growing in new ways for which I am grateful. I use my life experiences, professional expertise, and parent coach training with PCI to help other parents grow and change in response to their children and family dynamics.

If you would like help in dealing with communication, difficult behavior, media and technology use questions, school-related concerns, feelings of frustration and anger; the challenges emerging from separation, divorce, and single parenting; and questions about how to parent multiples, adopted children, foster children, and children with special needs and conditions, I am ready to partner with you. I can help you develop a “toolbox” of strategies, knowledge, and resources that will enable you to deal with your present challenges as well as future ones with confidence, self-knowledge, awareness, and loving kindness that will benefit your whole family.

Please contact me to schedule a 30-minute conversation so that we can find out if we are a good fit and how I can help. I look forward to meeting you!

What Parents Say After Coaching With Me

With Amy Behrens as my parent coach, I have become more aware of my parenting, more positive in my interactions with my children and much happier about myself -- something counseling and dozens of parenting books weren’t able to help with. Amy listened to the issues I’ve had parenting and helped me envision the relationship I wanted with my children in the future. She provided me with a fresh lens and tools to help me deal with my current situation. What stood out for me in this process was how through her careful listening, empathy and coaching skill, Amy was able to customize a program for me that fit my home and family. I would highly recommend Amy Behrens as a talented parent coach, and indeed have already to several of my friends!
Julie Crosson, M.D., mother of two
Newton, Massachusetts
From the beginning of my 12 weeks of parent coaching, I really appreciated Amy’s patient, caring, exploratory, and organized approach. She was consummately professional and prepared for each of our calls. I learned to analyze the issue we were facing in an entirely new way. The holistic and living-systems framework that Amy introduced me to gave me a much deeper understanding of the many different factors that may have been contributing to the issue at hand with my daughter. This enabled me to not only understand my daughter’s challenge, but also to be more conscious of my own thoughts, reactions and behavior. The weekly calls enabled me to gradually implement the approaches we had discussed in our calls and then to reflect on how this went during our calls. What has stayed with me are the new ways of thinking and seeing, new approaches to tense situations, and ways to recognize when I’m falling into my old patterns. I was also surprised to see in how many other areas of my life I was able to apply these insights—not only in my family, but also at work and in my community. As a working mom, I feel the insights I have gained have helped me to be less reactive and more intentional, and most of all, more present in my daughter’s life and in my own.
Julia Berger, mother of two
Queens, New York
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