Parent Coach Training

PCI’s Parent Coach Certification® Training Program is a personalized distance model to meet the varied needs and learning styles of our students who are family support professionals such as parent educators, social workers, teachers, and community health workers. Upon enrollment, students have access to an on-line portal where they can download PDFs and audio lectures for each class. In addition, the student portal provides many examples of coaching sessions so students can listen to how the coaching works. Students should consider spending 5-7 hours a week for course readings and assignments.

In addition to the learning tools on our student portal, students meet twice monthly 1.5 hour discussions (via phone telebridge or Skype) with their instructor and cohort. Students share their insights and questions about what they have been studying. Students attracted to our program are intelligent, creative, and dedicated professionals. Hanging out with them in cyberspace is energizing and rewarding. Each student is assigned a colleague in his/her time zone that can serve as a study buddy to discuss course content outside of the scheduled calls sessions

Upon successful completion of Course 1, students begin the 100 hours of coaching practice. Over the nine-month period of their coaching practicum, 3-5 hours a week for practice coaching will move students forward in the program with ease.

Along the way, students are assessed for their understanding, participation, expertise with the coaching model and growth as a parent coach. At any point in their parent coach training, students have access to a PCI instructor who will guide them through the process and meet with them outside of class times to discuss any clarifications necessary.

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