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PCI’s innovative one-year Parent Coaching Certification® Training Program is designed exclusively for you, the busy professional who desires to become a PCI Certified Parent Coach®. See what one student has to say!

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We are now accepting applications for Spring Quarter 2018. Application deadline: March 15, 2018.
Please Note: Our early bird tuition deadline is February 23, 2018. Apply before then and receive a tuition discount!

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PCI accepts applications year-round and begins new classes each quarter. Don't wait for the deadline! reserve your spot early!

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Spring 2018
Feb 23
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Summer 2018
May 25
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If you have questions about PCI's application process, please e-mail: or call the PCI office directly:

  • Local: (425) 449-8877
    Toll Free: (888) 599-4447

Please note: Spaces are limited. We accept applicants based on their qualifications and date of application. If you apply late, we may not have room for you in the upcoming quarter. However, if you qualify for Parent Coach Certification® Training, and no room is available in the upcoming quarter, you will be put on a waiting list if you so desire.

About our Conference Call Classes: 90-minute phone classes (either by telebridge line or via Skype) are conducted about twice a month in the evening time, usually at 4PM or 5PM (Pacific Time) to accommodate work schedules. We also offer classes in the morning (Pacific time), if you are an international professional or in the US/Canada and would prefer a daytime class.

Contact us to learn more about the phone/Skype class schedule. And please know, that we record all our classes and post them on the Student Portal, so if something comes up and you have to miss a scheduled discussion, you don’t have to miss a thing.

What Makes the PCI Program World Class?

What Your Training Program Includes

The Parent Coach Certification® Training Program consists of four distance learning courses to be completed within one year, devoting about 5-7 hours of time each week to reading and assignments. In addition, students practice coach after successful completion of Course 1. A minimum of 100 coaching hours is necessary to receive Parent Coach Certification®.

The PCI Four Core Courses consist of:

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How Your Parent Coach Certification® is Granted

During your year-long training, you must:

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The Fee for Parent Coach Certification® Training

Tuition: $5,800

(You may make take advantage of our payment plan with quarterly payments of $1,500. With this option you receive access to your course materials, before each course.)

The tuition for the Parent Coach Certification® Training Program allows you to participate in a highly personalized, comprehensive distance-learning program. Because you are on phone classes with your cohort and instructors on a regular basis each quarter (You participate in 90-minute discussions of course content about twice a month.), you obtain immediate feedback on your ideas and coaching practice experiences.

In addition, instructors provide office hours—times when you can contact them directly with your questions. The Parent Coach Certification® Training Program is uniquely designed to meet your specific needs as a family support professional.

During your parent coach training year, you have 24/7 access to a wealth of information on PCI's Student Portal on our website. The PCI Student Portal provides audio files needed for your training, along with valuable learning experiences through audio recordings of actual coaching conversations, and PDF's of required and supplemental reading.

Intentionally built into the program are extras for you to participate in if you choose to, such as being coached by a senior student so you know what it feels like to be on the parent side of the PCI Coaching Model. During the year, your progress is regularly reviewed and discussed so that you can add skills, stretching yourself in new directions to optimize your innate talents. At the PCI we strongly believe in purposeful, continual expansion of our human potential. Our training program reflects that!

Graduates are quick to agree that the year journey toward becoming a PCI Certified Parent Coach® is a unique experience of professional growth and personal fulfillment.