Who are PCI Certified Parent Coaches®?

You are going to be amazed at what a PCI Parent Coach can do for you and your family!

PCI Certified Parent Coaches® are caring, thoughtful family support professionals who have successfully completed the Parent Coach Certification® Training Program—a comprehensive academic one-year, graduate-level program

What Does a PCI Coach Do?

A PCI Certified Parent Coach® is a highly trained, caring professional with an in-depth background of education and experiences who:

Through a series of coaching conversations that can be either by telephone or in person, PCI Parent Coaches help you re-discover your dreams for yourself and your children, while helping you design action steps to attain them.

You gather new appreciation for your parenting strengths and learn how to tap into them more effectively.

You learn fresh approaches and insightful strategies—all crafted carefully by you and your coach to be specific and personalized for your unique situation.

A PCI Parent Coach, in essence, is a supportive companion who champions your highest aspirations and dreams for yourself, your children, and your family - and helps you attain them.

What Can You Expect?

A highly skilled and caring coach at The Parent Coaching Institute works with you for three or more months through an hour visit or phone call, weekly or bi-weekly, scheduled at your convenience. PCI Parent Coaches work in the evening, so you can talk when the children are down; or during your lunch hour when you may be able to get a phone call in at work; or anytime throughout the day when you may be able to squeeze in one hour for uninterrupted, adult conversation! One parent may take advantage of parent coaching or couples can participate together.

During your coaching conversations with a PCI Certified Parent Coach® you can expect lots of understanding, compassion, and support. You can expect questions that may surprise or challenge you. You can expect to receive practical resources and relevant facts to re-define "problems," along with spontaneous ideas which often bring smooth "solutions." You can expect to laugh more; be easier on yourself and your children. You can expect that your partnership with a PCI Parent Coach will create a lot of positive synergy and with that comes more abundant creativity, fun, and deeper satisfaction. You can expect lots of positive changes…even deep transformation for the entire family!

What are the Reasons for Parent Coaching?

We all go through some type of challenge while raising kids. That's a given! But parenting issues are varied. So the reasons moms and dads seek out PCI parent coaching are also varied. PCI Coaches provide relevant information and ongoing support for a broad spectrum of situations including:

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