Tuition and What’s Included for Parent Coach Certification® Training

Tuition: $5,800

(You may make take advantage of our payment plan with quarterly payments of $1,500. With this option you receive access to your course materials, before each course.)

Your tuition for the Parent Coach Certification® Training Program allows you to participate in a highly personalized, comprehensive distance-learning program. Because you are on phone classes with your cohort and instructors on a regular basis each quarter (you participate in 90-minute discussions of course content about twice a month), you obtain immediate feedback on your ideas and coaching practice experiences.

In addition, instructors provide "office hours"—times when you can contact them directly with your questions. The Parent Coach Certification® Training Program is uniquely designed to meet your specific needs as a family support professional.

During your parent coach training year, you have 24/7 access to a wealth of information on PCI's Student Portal on our website. The PCI Student Portal provides audio files needed for your training, along with valuable learning experiences through audio recordings of actual coaching conversations, and PDF's of required and supplemental reading.

Intentionally built into the program are "extras" for you to participate in if you choose to, such as being coached by a senior student so you know what it feels like to be on the parent side of the PCI Coaching Model. During the year, your progress is regularly reviewed and discussed so that you can add skills, stretching yourself in new directions to optimize your innate talents. At the PCI we strongly believe in purposeful, continual expansion of our human potential. Our training program reflects that!

Your PCI Parent Coach Training Program Includes:

After Receiving Your Parent Coach Certification®…

Opportunity to Participate in the PCI Graduate Success Network…throughout your parent coaching career. The PCI offers special events, discounts, networking opportunities, workshops, and phone classes designed exclusively for our graduates.

Course Materials

72 Dynamic Lessons
Specifically designed to introduce you to cutting edge ideas and to empower your authentic coaching voice in four highly engaging, thought-provoking courses. Includes 48 audio lectures.
20 Parent Coach Inventories, Checklists, and Assessments
Use these powerful tools to gain self-knowledge and increase self-confidence.
5 Coach Introspections™
Unique, innovative ways to reflect upon special talents and skills as a parent coach.
111 Parent Coaching Tips
Designed on one page each with large type for ease of use during coaching phone calls, the tips are arranged in practical categories that get to the heart of the PCI coaching model.
Coach Starter Information
Launch a successful parent coaching practice with sample brochure, coaching agreement and client forms, 25 proven coaching methods, Centering Questions for clarity about your coaching business and organic Networking Techniques based on the latest research from the coaching industry.
25 Parent Inventories and Checklists
Use these innovative, fun tools with your coaching clients to cover a lot of territory in a short amount of time.
10 Parent Introspections™
Creative, inventive techniques for helping busy parents take time to tap their inner wisdom.
10 Parent Visualize-Realizations™
These powerful visualizations help parents realize their dreams for themselves and for their children.
Lists of over 100 books and other useful resources from a variety of important categories including, coaching, leadership, child development, general parenting, learning styles, motivation, and media/digital literacy.
Supplemental Readings
Absorbing reading provides provocative ideas and concepts to support transformational change.
Audio Training Program
Coaching Emily: The 4 D's in the Coaching Conversation, an audio training program to accompany Course 1 that introduces the coaching model and provides key concepts to focus on right at the start of your learning a new skill set.
Access to Archived Coaching Sessions
These sessions support your knowledge of both theory and coaching techniques, enriching your coaching practice and cohort discussions.