Why Become a PCI Parent Coach?

  1. Live your vocation to be a transformative change agent.
    The word “radical” means “to return to the root.” PCI parent coaching is a radical approach to self-empowerment because it works to return parents to their core ideals and vision for themselves and for their children, thus transforming their lives and our world. What could be more rewarding?
  2. Be involved with parents on a deep level.
    Today's parents often feel isolated and not in control of family life. They can't get what they need from a book. They can't get what they need from a workshop. PCI parent coaches open the space so that parents can explore, examine, and discover solutions. What could be more rewarding?
  3. Help parents attain their dreams.
    PCI parent coaching fuels parents to reach for their dreams. Parents trust and know that they are seen and supported during every step of that process. This is an awesome and humbling experience for us coaches. What could be more rewarding?
  4. Be on the cutting-edge of a new industry.
    PCI parent coaching defines what works best for raising children optimally. It's comprehensive, innovative, and fresh. It addresses the “meat and potatoes” of what parents today are dealing with in our crazy, complex world. If we want to catalyze a transformational process in families, we must help parents overcome what prevents transformational change in our society. That's what we do at the PCI. What could be more rewarding?
  5. Meet and collaborate with accomplished professionals.
    Our standards are the highest. Our integrity, impeccable. Working with PCI people is like taking a long, slow breath of fresh springtime air—continually. No more suppressing yourself because others would be intimidated. Not here. Ever. Imagine a place of study and reflection where you can safely express your highest self. What could be more rewarding?
  6. Get on the ground floor of a whole new movement.
    We're serious about the PCI Vision. Yes, we really mean it. We know that with deep intent the Universe conspires to help us out in delightful ways. We are beginning a large-scale movement and you get to be on the ground floor. What could be more rewarding?
  7. Choose a new career where the sky is the limit.
    Take a look around your community. You see where the needs are—where the holes are that you can fill as a PCI Certified Parent Coach®. The field is wide open for you to step into your life purpose right now and change the world…one family at a time.
What could be more rewarding?