Frequently Asked Questions About PCI Parent Coaching

How is the coaching done?
You chose. PCI Certified Parent Coaches® will work with you either in person or over the phone or by Skype. Telephone coaching has many advantages: You don't have to hire a sitter or make special plans to leave your house. You can enjoy the coaching conversations anytime—during your lunch hour at work, in the afternoon when the children are napping, or in the evening when your kids have gone to bed. Also, telephone or Skype coaching gives you the opportunity to hire a PCI Parent Coach from anywhere in the world, thus working with someone whom you are sure understands you and your unique needs, assuring your privacy within your immediate community. You can search for a PCI Coach by Specialty.
Do you come into the home?
Not usually. PCI Parent Coaches work directly with moms and dads without the child(ren) present. We use a highly successful coaching model adapted from executive coaching which presumes that the parent is the authentic authority in the home and that they deserve special, one-on-one time with a professional parent coach who supports and encourages their decision making, but doesn't make decisions for them.
Are you like Super Nanny?
Not at all. Television programs like Super Nanny invade the home and assume lots of incompetence on the part of the parents, even deriding their decision-making abilities. We believe such programs, developed mainly for titillation and amusement, have very little to do with the reality of most parents today. These shows deal mostly with over-the-top issues that affect a very small percentage of actual parents. In addition, the behaviorist approach used on these shows by the nanny may be effective in the short-term, but will be unlikely to result in long-term positive, sustainable changes. PCI parent coaching offers a highly respectful, affirmative approach that catalyzes parent creativity, helping moms and dads discover their unique solutions and providing long-term positive changes.
How do I get started with PCI Parent Coaching?
You can find a PCI Parent Coach here. We invite you to call a few coaches and interview them to make sure you will find someone you will enjoy working with. You can also call the PCI Office at (425) 449-8877 or (888) 599-4447. We will give you referrals to PCI Parent Coaches who might be a good fit for you.
Can I have a free session to understand how it all works?
Absolutely. All PCI Parent Coaches offer a complimentary session without any obligation on your part. You have nothing to lose to give PCI Parent Coaching a test drive to see how it works!
How much does it cost?
PCI Parent Coaching is very affordable. Contact a few of our coaches to check out their competitive rates and special packages. Find a PCI Coach here.