A Note from Gloria DeGaetano, PCI Founder...

Gloria DeGaetano

PCI Parent Coaches are amazing people! They are highly skilled, heart-centered, and firmly dedicated to helping parents. They love what they do. And it shows. They also love what the PCI gives them.

I am grateful to support our outstanding students and graduates in their important work with parents. And, I am profoundly moved and humbled by the thought and care our students put into their studies and their coaching practicum, preparing so consciously to be intentional catalysts for deep, positive changes. I am in awe of our students’ willingness to share their considerable expertise with each other. When PCI students get together, the positive energy and synergy is palpable.

At a PCI event, Dr. Jane Healy, best selling author of Endangered Minds and nationally acclaimed speaker (who is a member of PCI's Advisory Board), commented, “I have never been with a group of people so dedicated to parents, so sophisticated in their knowledge, and so kind and caring.” This says a lot! Dr. Healy has spoken to hundreds of groups over the span of three decades and is not the kind of person who would say something like this lightly. As you can tell, working for and with PCI students is one of my greatest pleasures—sheer joy, really.

Take some time to read their comments. They were spontaneously and authentically given. The Parent Coach Certification® Training Program is an enriching experience. No matter what your background—if you work for and with families, the yearlong experience with PCI will inspire you and take you to another level of professional growth and personal commitment.

If you would like to contact me directly at (425) 449-8877 or (888) 599-4447 or info@pcicoach.com, I would be delighted to talk with you personally about PCI Parent Coaching. And if you like, I can put you in touch with a student or graduate who would be happy to answer your questions.

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Gloria DeGaetano

What Students and Graduates Are Saying About the Parent Coach Certification® Training Program

I absolutely loved my year of training with the PCI. I was continually impressed with the design of the program and how it matched our emerging skills as coaches. The reading and learning we did together transformed my way of looking at people and family dynamics. I am deeply grateful for the wonderful tools and principles I learned that I can now share with the families I coach as well as with my own family. I feel so lucky to have discovered the PCI!
Amy Behrens
Waban, Massachusetts
I am struck with how much I have learned through my study at the PCI. When a client thanks me for my 'amazing parent coaching', I am naturally honored to receive such a compliment. But often I think the credit really goes to the PCI instructors for teaching me so well and to Gloria DeGaetano for having the courage and the energy to create the PCI.
Chris Donavan
Isle of Palms, South Carolina
Words will not do justice to the gratitude that I have for Gloria and the team at the PCI. You have put together a truly magnificent year for me. Thank you so very much.
Louise Clarke
West Vancouver, British Columbia
I am very grateful I’ve had the opportunity to earn my parent coaching certification through the PCI. The program is robust, demanding, and thorough, and I appreciate the exacting standards and high expectations that lend my certification legitimacy and strength.
Carrington Cunnington
Aurora, Illinois
The depth, breadth and uniqueness of what is covered in the course puts this program above any other I evaluated. As I come from a business background, it was important for me to chose a program that would give me that sense of confidence in the value I can deliver to the parents I coach, the expertise I can bring as well as the knowledge I can share. PCI gave much more than I expected, together with a very supportive and affirmative environment that made learning a pleasure and calls and assignments something to look forward to. I feel I grew not just as a coach but also as a person.
Alessandra Marazzi Rodel
Bangkok, Thailand
For me, the PCI training has been life changing in so many ways. I am now a better, more positive, and more peaceful person, mother, wife, friend, sister, and coach. I apply the principles that I have learned, to my own life, on a daily basis. They enhance my life…I can honestly say I have been transformed for the better. Thank you PCI!
Ani Alvarez
Key Biscane, Florida
It's all here at the PCI: brain development and appropriate activities, identifying strengths and values, parenting styles, a wonderfully effective coaching process methodology. The PCI training gave me tools to help lift the immobilizing load of guilt and frustration from a parent's shoulders. It's a heady brew of intellectual challenge, personal growth, and skills development. Creative thinkers apply here!
Chris Christensen
Bainbridge Island, Washington
My time with PCI has been an incredible year and a truly transformational experience, both personally and professionally. To discover and work with such a thoughtful group of people dedicated to improving the lives of children and families felt like coming home. The relevance of the PCI coaching model to virtually any aspect of human relationships and experience makes it the most valuable tool I have discovered to effect positive change in the world.
PK McCoy
Philomath, Oregon
Gloria DeGaetano is a model of someone who is inner directed and other focused. She has built a very productive community through the PCI. She listens deeply and affirms warmly. She models the PCI principles with every breath. She has me engaged and committed to parent coaching just as she has many more doing the same. She has enacted the journey of collective fulfillment through the PCI. She is the model of moral power I want to emulate. Gloria makes each of us feel needed and valued. She models acceptance and rigor. She values competence and accountability...The whole PCI experience has made every breath more fun.
Dede Barnes
Cottonwood, California
I believe that when souls unite angels sing…And what is a chorus without a conductor? Gloria DeGaetano is the energy, the inspiration, and the heart of our chorus. Her spirit manifests in the PCI training program and touches the soul in each of us.
Gina Harlow-Mote
Dallas, Texas
After years of experience in the field of education, I never thought that joining PCI would change my life the way it did! At PCI I haven’t only learnt how to effectively coach parents and help them change into the parent of their dreams, but I also learnt how to create an effective transformational change in my own life, my family and the whole community.
Heba Fawzy
Cairo, Egypt
The PCI certification is an amazing one-year program designed by the inspiring, knowledgeable, compassionate and brilliant Gloria DeGaetano. After one year of solid, interesting, challenging and demanding training, I feel that my competences grew, my life changed and my purpose is clearer than ever. I am truly grateful for this journey.
Silvia Vernaschi Cocchiglia
Geneva, Switzerland

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