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Parenting alone? Is there a newborn, toddler, or teen at home?
Ready to renew the joy of Parenting?

I am a Mexican scientist, now based in Seattle, who has dedicated more than 15 years to learn, teach, and publish about brain physiology in different universities across the world. However, I learned that the interaction and collaborative work with parents (as a PCI Certified Parent Coach®) has no parallel in terms of the joy and professional satisfaction it brings to see people discover, design, and implement goals for themselves and their families. Parents are empowered to recognize, use, and further develop the tools they already have at hand. I am also a mother of two. In this way, I shifted from full time research at academic institutions to creating my own LLC, dedicated to various modalities of Neurofeedback Training and Parent Coaching. I am also a PCI (Parent Coach International) blogger, and was selected as the Featured Parent Coach for the Fall 2015 PCI Newsletter. I am a member of the PCI Advisory Board, representing Mexico, Central, and South America.

My approach to coaching parents is based on Appreciative Inquiry, amplifying feedback, and the concept of non-linear dynamics, because living systems, such as a family, rarely behave in a linear fashion. My work with individuals or parents goes beyond just listening: I establish a collaborative partnership to design specific, attainable goals, and to practice and implement actions towards those goals, as you are empowered to be joyful and accountable for your desired future.

In a more practical manner, here are some of the issues that we could work on together:

  • Communication: Effective communication between parents, among siblings, or between parent and child.
  • Time Management: Simplify, organize, and optimize your time so you can parent from your core values in a balanced fashion.
  • Self-care: “Nourish the Mother so she can nourish the child” is one of my “mantras.” At the core of joyful parenting is self-care.
  • Parenting Styles: Knowing more about our strengths and challenges as parents can be very helpful in tackling parenting issues.
  • Connectedness: One of the most detrimental effects of stress and parenting challenges is isolation. I will coach you to stay connected to your values, to your support network, and to healthy friends and family.
  • Sleep: If I were to coach you on one single thing, it would be on restorative sleep for all. This ties into and supports:
  • Optimal Brain Function: Brain development, cognition, speech perception, and language acquisition are some of my areas of expertise. Knowledge and practical tools based on relevant research will be made available to you.

Fluent in both Spanish and English, I enthusiastically take mothers, fathers, or couples as clients, and have coached single mothers, adoptive parents, and blended families, for example. I am happily married and have two wonderful daughters, a dog, a fish, two guinea pigs, and five chickens. We all live in Seattle.

What Parents Say After Coaching With Me

Desesperada por la angustia que habitaba en mi alma y en mi ser, confundida y perdida por no poder lograr mis metas, así fueran pequeñitas, contacté a Maritza.  Cuando escuché su voz me dio confianza y sus palabras esperanza. Inició el coaching exhortándome a que encontrara fortalezas, fortalezas que estaban escondidas y por lo tanto, olvidadas. El coaching que he recibido por parte de Maritza me ayudó a reconstruir mi autoestima porque cambié mis viejos moldes y dejé de pensar de manera negativa con respecto a mí, cambié la por a de hablarme y de tratarme y gracias a eso puedo ordenar mis ideas y vivir dándome la prioridad que antes no me di. Tengo una visión completamente distinta de mi realidad y te puedo decir que me siento feliz porque poco a poco voy logrando mis metas. Gracias infinitas Maritza por ser luz en mi camino, cuando yo era oscuridad y por ayudarme a exaltar lo mejor de mí.
Rocío RS
Bakersfield, California
As a busy clinician in private practice, my own much-needed training of relaxed alertness with Dr. Maritza Rivera Gaxiola has fully attained my desired scope: to efficaciously respond to high professional demands while feeling rejuvenated at the end of every day. In this sense, the neurofeedback/HRV and coaching with her have benefited me tremendously and, in turn, the families I serve. A well-published brain-researcher, she uniquely blends her knowledge of neuro-physiology and expertise in various neurofeedback techniques with her exquisite coaching skills. Thanks to her work I gained a clear understanding of how children and adults can actively optimize focus, sleep, and stamina, or reduce anxiety. When using it in the manner she practices, neurofeedback can benefit us professionally and personally in the relationships with our loved ones. The training with Dr. Rivera Gaxiola has been most rewarding on my journey, and I am grateful for her expertise and dedication.
Liliana S.
Seattle and Bellevue, Washington
The best testimonial I can give is that I am eager for Maritza to write a ‘coaching book’ on parenting, parent-child relationships, or authentic happiness, empowering all of the above!
N. Ramos
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