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Josephine Chung

I love working with parents in a coaching relationship to help them identify and reconnect with the many joys associated with the most important, yet sometimes most challenging job we have in our lifetime…parenting. As developmental changes occur, so do the challenges that parents face. Through parent coaching, you do not have to face these challenges alone. As a parent coach I help parents meet the needs of their children with intentionality and positivity from a culturally relevant perspective. Parent coaching allows you the practice of focusing in and amplifying the possibilities in yourself and in your children’s cognitive, behavioral, and socio-emotional development.

I have a Ph.D. in Human Development. As a developmental psychologist, specializing in parenting, I have spent many years studying children, parents, and their family systems. My mission is to provide support to parents to reach their full potential of living their best lives, being more joyful and peaceful. My role as parent coach is to work in partnership to highlight the strengths you and your family possesses. The process of change is inevitable, and it is my job to guide you in this change process. Together we will identify the tools and strategies that will help you on your journey of transformation leading to a life well deserved. You have everything within you to be the parent you want to be, I simply help you tap into all your inherent strengths that can help you realize your endless possibilities to grow as a human being and as a parent. In this coaching relationship, you are the true expert. You will get to experience moments that help you reconnect and appreciate with confidence, your children’s gifts, and your amazing strengths as a parent.

I approach parenting issues through resiliency based strategies to address parenting stress, anxiety, and self regulatory challenges, through a non-judgmental, supportive coaching relationship. I utilize meditation, mindfulness, breath work, nutrition, and sleep as techniques and strategies to help you feel your best to bring your best to your family. No matter what your circumstance, the fear associated with feeling frustrated often leaves parents feeling isolated. As a parent coach, I help navigate through the minor and major challenges of parenting that are unique to your family. I provide my clients with the necessary support to make changes that bring about a greater sense of connection to yourself and your family, leading to a greater sense of calm amidst the chaos. Through our conversations, I provide a safe, understanding, non-judgmental space for parents to define and clarify their positive parenting goals in ways that integrate their mind, heart, and body, leading to long lasting changes and fulfillment as a parent.

My desire to help children and families began many years ago as an undergraduate double major in Psychology and Human Development, where I focused on the effects of television on children’s development. After working in the inner cities of New York City and Atlanta, I completed a Master’s degree in Public Health, and began working directly with parents and their young children. I then completed my doctorate in Human Development within the department of Educational Psychology. Specializing in children and parenting, I worked at researching parenting practices that led to positive psycho-social and cognitive developmental outcomes for children.

My desire to further help parents led me to the PCI and my certification as a parent coach. I also have additional training in the area of resiliency and mindfulness based stress reduction. My greatest lessons have been learned from my two amazing children, who challenge me every day to be my best self, and being parented by two amazing human beings. My resiliency based training, my parent coach training with PCI, along with my life experiences, allows me to help my clients through parenting and life challenges to achieve their desired dreams.  

If you would like assistance in the areas of ADD/ADHD, behavior/discipline (difficult behavior), child stress, media/digital issues, motivation, parent-child communication, parent stress/self-care, sleep/nutrition, time management, or any other parenting challenge you are facing, I would be honored to work with you to identify your dreams amidst these challenges, by bringing awareness and understanding of your existing strengths. Building upon your existing strengths will allow you to internalize and commit to the journey towards creating the positive changes you desire for yourself, as a parent, for your child, and for your parent-child relationship. Together, you and I will both embark on a journey of self-reflection and transformation.

What Parents Say After Coaching With Me

Working with Josephine helped me gain greater clarity and insight into myself, my parenting, and my relationships. The unique needs of my two teenage boys often left me feeling drained and unable to parent in the way I wanted and thought my boys deserved. The relationship I had with Josephine was based on mutual respect, trust, and connection that led to a beautiful partnership. From our first conversation, I immediately felt at ease and a connection with Josephine as if we were old friends. Our trusting relationship allowed Josephine to push me towards change even when it was sometimes uncomfortable. When she sensed I needed more clarity, she pushed me to examine my goals and vision so that my actions were in alignment with those goals. I feel so lucky to have found Josephine. Through our coaching sessions, I feel as if I reconnected with parts of myself I thought I had lost. I became a more flexible, patient, kind, connected, thoughtful, and joyful person, friend, family member, wife, and most importantly mother to my boys.
Andrea McGee
St. Paul, Minnesota
Josephine has helped our family reconnect with our joy. She helped me to look at myself first, guiding me to see my strengths and empowering me to tap into my own inner resources. Josephine helped me identify my goals I wanted to work on for myself and as a parent. I started our coaching relationship thinking I was going to work on some of my parenting frustrations, and instead Josephine helped me focus on myself, something I had not done in a very long time. Being committed to my own self care became a major part of my parent coaching journey. Attending to myself first, allowed me the inner resources to be a better parent to my three girls. I became so focused on my role as mother that I had lost sight of my own care and once I committed to myself, I found I had more energy to parent each of my children in ways that allowed them to begin to flourish. The clarity I gained through our conversations, void of judgment, allowed me to not only dream about the possibilities but to actually see my dreams come to life.  Josephine’s strategy of beginning every day with my intentions and ending with gratitude helped me view the world differently and allowed me to reignite the joy in my family. Each one of our coaching sessions brought me closer to attaining my parenting goals. Josephine was there for me every step of the way cheering me on. She inspired me to be the best me.
Tammy Barbie
St. Paul, Minnesota
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