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Karen Bierdeman

Karen Bierdeman

Pleasanton, California, United States

You can do this.

No matter what you’ve tried in the past, how many mistakes you’ve made, how many times other’s have judged your parenting (or you’ve judged yourself), or how many times you’ve felt like you’re just too tired and stressed to be an effective mom, it is possible to make changes—lasting changes.

I know this because I’ve been that mom (it’s the reason I became a parent coach) and I’ve coached several moms over the last 11 years to make parenting easier and more enjoyable. As a parent coach I’ve helped moms who have:

  • Had very strong-willed, intense children who engaged in power struggles and talking back, to successfully set limits and feel confident that they were on the right track to raising their kids to be strong, kind adults.
  • Been completely exhausted from parenting a demanding toddler and felt like they had nothing left to give (and then felt guilty for feeling that way), to regain much needed energy to meet both their child’s and their needs in a way that was customized to them and their family.
  • Experienced chaotic mornings and evenings filled with sibling rivalry, yelling, and threats, to create smooth, successful routines where kids took responsibility and there was peace in the house.
  • Felt guilty and embarrassed because they believed the negatives others have said about their parenting, to create a customized plan of action that helped them do what worked for their family so that they were energized and confident.

My professional background includes a BA in Psychology, and Master’s Degree in Childhood Behavior Disorders, in addition to my professional Parent Coach Certification®. I have several years experience teaching children with behavioral and emotional issues in the public school, in addition to teaching first grade. Even as a behavior consultant in the public schools, I quickly realized that there were no cookie cutter solutions to helping teachers with students’ challenging behavior. It was the powerful combination of the teacher’s expertise and strengths, combined with my background, that allowed us to take action in a way that worked in her classroom, not some mythical, ideal one. Similarly, I work with moms who realize that they need someone who really gets that parenting can be hard and exhausting, and who want solutions that will work for them: not some ideal mom in a book or podcast. Together we solve your parenting problems in a way that continues to work long after the coaching is over.

Please call for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

What Parents Say After Coaching With Me

I worked with Karen for several months and very much enjoyed it. My children and I have benefited so much from all of the tools she gave me. She not only gave me a bag of tricks on how to survive motherhood and actually enjoy it, but also an effective way to implement them. The benefit to having a parent coach like Karen is that she gives you tools and techniques for effective parenting based on your specific beliefs, values, parenting style, and on your child's capability. As you know, everyone has different parenting styles and every child is different. Karen works closely with you and customizes a parenting plan that sets you and your family up for success! One of my favorite things about working with Karen is that she is a coach that not only has a ton of knowledge, she also genuinely cares for her clients. She is truly amazing to me and after working with her, I am much closer to being a guilt-free mom!
Michele Lewis
Pleasanton, California
Coaching with Karen was the encouragement and empowerment I needed as a mom. Over the course of our sessions I experienced an inner transformation from discouraged and stuck to more happy and confident as a parent! I got back in touch with what excites me about being a mom and why my role is important; my household is more peaceful and I am appreciating my children more. She helped me identify my strengths and new strategies for how to handle difficult and unsafe behavior in my kids; I gained clarity and boundaries that make me a better parent. We identified “leverage points” or small changes that I could make in my parenting that pay big benefits. I cannot put a price tag on the value of my coaching experience; I just know I could never have gotten here on my own!
Andrea Truman
Pleasanton, California
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