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Valerie Ritchie

After working as a Psychologist and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist for both children and adults, Valerie decided she wanted to specialize in an area that she is most passionate about: Parenting. Her aim is to catalyze a transformational process in families so that children develop to reach their highest potential, and that parents can experience the enjoyment of parenting.

Valerie is a PCI Certified Parent Coach® and Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. She is mother of three children and has a broad cultural background, having lived in The Netherlands, Sweden and the USA.

Valerie offers Parent Coaching face-to-face for people living in the Chicago area, and through Skype/FaceTime or by phone for people living elsewhere. For people living in The Netherlands she can offer Parent Coaching in Dutch.

What Parents Say After Coaching With Me

Valerie is a pleasant and understanding coach who knows how to put you at ease, and support you in clarification of the challenges so that you can start working on improvement. With practical exercises she helps you to reach results, which for us have been very beneficial to the whole family. I can highly recommend her!
Pauline de Goede
The Netherlands
Valerie knew exactly how to take me to that level where I felt I was being the best I can be as a parent and as a person.
Muna Awad
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