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Fay Bomberg, Berkeley, CA/Illinois-Chicago area
PCI Certified Parent Coach®
M.S., Marriage and Family Therapy
B.S.N., Nursing
B.A., English
(708) 657-4313
Side-by-Side Parent Coaching
Fay Bomberg

I am the mother of four sons, currently aged 25, 23, 21, and 19. I'm an Illinois resident living temporarily in California, where my husband of 26 years is taking a sabbatical. Like most of us, I've been through many changes and transitions. My sons have grown, left home, and we've even had a boomerang child, who returned to live with us for a year after graduation. I draw on this broad range of experience in my coaching work, as well as knowledge gained from my own parenting struggles raising my four, each very different, boys.

What does coaching offer you?

  • In my coaching I support parents in order to effectively address the challenges of parenting, and guide them to help their children develop in healthy ways.
  • We will work on here-and-now issues using an action-oriented approach that is built on our coach-client relationship. Together we reconnect with and focus on your strengths to map out steps to move forward. I never impose anything on you—we work side-by-side in a trusting, supportive and collaborative manner to create your steps for change.
  • Finally, we will identify what is already working, clarify your parenting goals, and give you tools to achieve them.

I love how coaching helps struggling parents to change and grow. The coaching work I do is both exciting and challenging to me. It is a perfect synthesis of my skills, interests, and passions!

Do you need someone to really listen and support you in addressing your specific parenting issues? Side-by-Side Parent Coaching is here to help. Please visit my Web site to learn more.

Carrington Cunnington
PCI Certified Parent Coach®
Individual, couple, & group coaching
Public speaker on various parenting topics including raising twins and higher order multiples
Mother of triplets
Carrington Cunnington

Parenting is hard. You're not alone.

Did you know you have what it takes to be an amazing parent? Your kids are a gift and you are intended to walk with confidence, satisfaction and joy as parent. If that doesn't describe you at the moment, you've come to the right place. Few of us go into parenting knowing how to do the job well. It is easy to get derailed when the track we've laid is rickety or nonexistent to begin with. And once we're off track, finding our way back can leave us frustrated, scared, anxious or angry. All too often, we also feel alone.

As your coach, I will help you navigate the parenting challenges that are unique to you and your family with customized support and proven methods. Together we can bring order into your chaos, peace into the fray and hope for a thriving tomorrow. Some of the issues we can explore and tackle together include:

Identify how to engage positively and effectively to foster intimacy within your family.
Stop battling over homework or chores, grades or friends. Learn how to encourage accountability and a strong work ethic in your child.
Understand age appropriate parameters and teach your kids to navigate digital culture with wisdom and discernment.
Encourage obedience and cooperation in kids of any age.
Time Management
Tame the chaos and use time to your advantage.
School Advocacy
Engage as a productive ally with those who influence and teach your children.
Special Circumstances
Parents of children with special needs, foster or adoptive children, twins or higher order multiples, and families of divorce, blended families and single parents all need support given their diverse and often unique challenges. Get the tailored support you need for your specific situation.

You have everything you need to thrive as a parent, guide your kids to maturity, and find profound purpose in your leadership role. As a parent, you are the expert on your family. As a coach, I am trained to guide you in the process of change. Together we will identify the specific tools, skills and resources that will help your family flourish and help you implement them for a brighter tomorrow.

Sheryl Graff Stoller, Oak Park
PCI Certified Parent Coach®
B.A. Anthropology; MBA Marketing
Stoller Parent Coaching
Individual and couples coaching; Workshops/presentations
Chicago area: (708) 358-8289
Toll-free: (877) 285-8289
Sheryl Graff Stoller

Sheryl Stoller helps parents integrate proven, research-based approaches and practical parenting tools with their own insights, values, and dreams to nurture and empower their children. Parents develop life-long habits of effective parenting. They gain self-confidence, equilibrium—and the joy of parenting well.

Sheryl works with parents of children of all ages, providing reliable, nonjudgmental, and caring support. She addresses a wide spectrum of issues that families experience at different developmental stages. Parents learn new strategies, including:

  • preventing and addressing behavior and motivation challenges
  • developing effective approaches when children and parents have different temperaments and communication styles
  • overcoming obstacles faced by families when children have learning and developmental differences
  • easing difficulties with transitions, big and small

Clients value Sheryl's knowledge, warmth, thoughtful questions, and insightful observations. Her own parenting journey—including the challenges she and her husband experienced with their three children (sons 21, 19 and daughter 15) serves as a source of inspiration and hope for clients.

Training and Experience

Sheryl maintains an active private practice, coaching parents one-on-one and as couples. She also leads interactive workshops for many types of establishments, customizing content to fit their needs. Her experience includes:

  • Graduate program through The Parent Coaching Institute
  • Ongoing accredited seminars and readings
  • Committee member of the Healthy Beginnings II Initiative of the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Chicago Parent magazine expert opinion
  • Upcoming: Speaker for a hospital's occupational therapy department, a panelist for forum on effective parenting, and guest on Chicago NBC's weekend morning news

Whether you are considering private coaching (either by phone or in person) or workshops, Sheryl is happy to talk with you and put you in touch with clients as references. Call or email her directly at (708) 358-8289, (877) 285-8289

Beth Calderwood Miller, Wilmette
PCI Certified Parent Coach®
M.Ed. Counseling
B.S. Special Education
Beth Calderwood Miller

Beth Miller has over 25 years of experience as an educator and counselor. She has worked with hundreds of families providing guidance, education, and support. Beth helps parents who are struggling with their children's behaviors, who are looking to enjoy more positive relationships with their children, and who are concerned about their children's ability to succeed in school and other settings. She helps parents discover the strengths in their families and develop practical strategies for concerns and challenges. The result is positive changes within the family dynamics and improved family relationships.

Beth helps parents enhance their parenting skills and improve their family functioning. Issues include:

  • Communicating effectively
  • Establishing effective techniques for setting limits
  • Improving problem solving and decreasing power struggles
  • Creating successful daily routines
  • Designing strategies for challenging behaviors
  • Managing sibling rivalry
  • Developing strong social and emotional skills
  • Enhancing family relationships based on mutual respect

Beth provides individual coaching, teaches parenting classes, facilitates parenting groups, and offers presentations. Her experience includes 15 years as Parent Counselor and Program Director at the non-profit agency, Tuesday's Child. Beth began her career working as a guidance counselor and special education teacher at West Leyden High School. Beth is currently on the board of the Family Action Network in her community and on the Parent Education Committee focusing on social and emotional learning (ECGC) at New Trier High School. She and her husband are the parents of three teenage sons.

Angie Poulos, River Forest
PCI Certified Parent Coach®
American Montessori Society, Primary Certification
Iowa State University, B.S.
(708) 771-8161
Angie Poulos

Angie Poulos is a mother, an educator and a friend to parents. She and her husband have raised six children, ages 20–40 years old. They also enjoy spending lots of time with their six grandchildren. Having raised a son with developmental disabilities, Angie understands, from an intimate perspective, special needs children and the added stress this can bring to the family. Angie is certified by the American Montessori Society with 28 years of teaching experience. She has worked with hundreds of children and with their parents through parent education workshops. During her teaching career, Angie helped many children deal with learning challenges and behavior issues. Her knowledge and her patience with these children has earned her a respected reputation and special place in the hearts of many families.

The PCI model of parent coaching is Angie's "true calling." She is dedicated to helping each child reach his/her highest potential by supporting parents through close parent-coach relationships. Her experience and education forms the solid base needed in guiding parents to realize the developmental, emotional, spiritual, and social needs of their children. She focuses on building confidence, concentration, and social skills by teaching parents to be good observers and by investing time in creating a healthy environment for their children.

Angie is skilled at building strong, trusting, productive relationships with her clients.

"Angie is like an old friend you never knew you had. Her calming tone is such a relief during a busy week…Coaching with Angie felt like a conversation with a sincere and loving friend. Just like a good book, you'll be sad to see your coaching experience with Angie come to an end."
—LaQuesha, Oak Park

Angie offers companionship to the new mom, good humor and creative ideas to the "on the go" parents of grade school age children, moral support, compassion and clarity to the high school parents and wisdom and hope to the parents of young adults.

"It was a pleasure being coached by Angie as I have always valued her wisdom and sage advice. She is the ideal parent mentor."
—Vira, Chicago

Angie will lead you to feel energized, empowered, and excited to have the most challenging, most important and most satisfying job that exists, parenting.