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PCC: Parent Coaching Certification

Become a PCI Certified Parent Coach®. If you are a forward-thinking professional with an undergraduate degree and a deep calling to work with parents, welcome home. Our acclaimed one-year, distance-learning Parent Coach Certification® Training Program is approved for optional graduate-level credits through Seattle Pacific University, independent of SPU's religious affiliation.

PCS: Parent Coaching Services

The PCI works with schools and non-profits across the country to offer parent coaching to moms and dads whose children or teens are at-risk. Contact us today to learn how to use our successful, evidence-based coaching model with the parents you serve.
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About The Institute

The Parent Coaching Institute is training organization with headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. We view Parenting as a Living System™ and families as core for dynamic, positive growth—for our children and for our society, as well. Our vision is: “Parent Well. Transform Our World.” We train professionals to become PCI Certified Parent Coaches® and provide parent coaching services to moms and dads.

If You Are a Professional Looking For…

A New Career… you will find the Parent Coach Certification® Training Program offers you new skill sets, researched-based coaching strategies, and on-going support and guidance to build a solid foundation for an exciting new career. If you are looking to build a satisfying part-time or full-time career that will energize you beyond your expectations, the PCI Training Program is for you.

An Innovative Way to Work with Families… Where do moms and dads go after family counseling and family education? PCI parent coaching is an innovative way to offer on-going family support and parent education using the most advanced techniques from the growing coaching industry.

Exciting, Energizing, and Inspiring Ideas… the PCI training curriculum has synthesized ideas from the leaders in the coaching profession—Cheryl Richardson, Margaret Wheately, Robert Quinn, and David Cooperrider—are a few of the authors you will read and apply to your work in parent education through the PCI coaching model, as you work towards Parent Coach Certification®.

If You Are a Mom or Dad Looking For…

Practical Strategies to Help with a Parenting Challenge… PCI Certified Parent Coaches® are trained in a comprehensive family support program. Parent advice is one thing. What our coaches excel at, though, is helping you discover more of your own answers, providing the ultimate in family support and parent guidance that results in positive changes for the entire family.

More Enjoyment in Your Parenting… PCI Certified Parent Coaches® can help you slow down and start enjoying your children more. By making sure your self-care is on track, our coaches are there to listen, affirm, nudge, and nurture you in the direction of your dreams.