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Barbara Bushey
PCI Certified Parent Coach®
M.A.T. Early Childhood Education
(248) 446-3704
Barbara Bushey

I support parents by walking beside them through the joys and challenges of being a parent. Together we work on the developing the parent's strengths so that we can affect lasting positive changes which will assist the parent through the wonderful journey of parenting. These positive changes lead to a joyful life for the parent and the family.

My goal is to assist parents in learning to implement positive changes which will benefit each unique parent and family. With 37 years of teaching in elementary and early childhood education, I have developed a deep understanding of children, parents, developmentally appropriate expectations and behavior, and positive discipline strategies.

I have extensive background in:

  • advocating for children in the school setting.
  • working with mothers and their individual unique situations.
  • parenting to give children appropriate choices to develop their independence and self-esteem.
  • assisting parents in understanding the ages and stages of child development.
  • assisting parents in developing their own self-care.

To quote one of my clients, "To have the ability to bounce off your parenting problems or concerns with someone is wonderful; to have an experienced ear listening and providing feedback is invaluable. It is an experience that is so worthwhile, all parents would benefit from this."

Julie Gale Sase
PCI Certified Parent Coach®
B.A. with a concentration in Early Childhood Education and Psychology
Royal Oak Parent Coaching
(248) 515-0068
Julia Gale Sase

Welcome to Royal Oak Parent Coaching. I'm Julie Gale Sase and as your coach I'm here to listen, nurture, and inspire you. I will help you to:

  • Define the dreams and goals that you want for your children
  • Design doable plans to achieve these dreams and goals

Because families and children are all unique, there is no one right way to parent. Personally, I believe that strict adherence to a parenting formula, designed by an expert that you have read about or seen on TV, often ignores the importance of listening to your own inner wisdom and trusting it. Your children will be more responsive to you if they know that you are parenting from your authentic self. No more guilt trying to be someone else's idea of a "perfect parent!"

We will not work from a "one size fits all" parenting perspective. Because your family is living, growing, and changing every day, you cannot fix your children as you would a toaster.

Unlike counseling or therapy, we will not dwell upon past mistakes or be judgmental. Working from a positive perspective, we will apply those elements that are already working within your family in order to resolve challenges. You can have the thriving and loving parenting experience that you imagined before your children were born!

Clients call me to talk about issues specific to:

  • newborns (sleep, food, and development)
  • children (siblings, school, and discipline)
  • teens (peer pressure, sex, and independence)
  • adult children returning home

My special areas of expertise include:

  • managing screen technology (TV, video games, computers, and phones)
  • gifted and creative children and families
  • Aspergers Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder, and School Advocacy

My background and experience includes:

  • B.A. in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Early Childhood Education and Psychology.
  • Volunteer work in crisis counseling.
  • Certified leader in La Leche League (a breast-feeding support organization)
  • Board Member and activity coordinator for a community children's garden organization
  • Raised three creative and unique children

Talia Ziv, Ph.D., L.P.P.C., West Bloomfield
PCI Certified Parent Coach®
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology and Education
Relational Life and Parent Coaching
(248) 855-0222
Dr. Talia Ziv

My name is Talia Ziv. I am a clinical psychologist, a certified Life Coach and a PCI Certified Parent Coach®.

My experience of parenting four successful adult children; my extensive professional experiences as an educator, a teacher, and a psychologist; my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Education; in conjunction with wide-ranging coach training; thoroughly prepared me for my love's labor, Relationship and Parent Coaching, which I passionately practice in my personal and professional life today. I work with individuals, adults and adolescents, couples, parents, families, and groups, assisting them in designing, implementing, and living a satisfying Relational Life: A Relational Life of optimal contentment and happiness!

Professional certifications awarded to me include: Master Addiction Counselor, Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, and a Certified Advanced Imago Relationship Therapist. Additionally, I am a Certified Life Coach, awarded by the College of Executive Coaching, and a PCI Certified Parent Coach®, awarded by the Parent Coaching Institute (PCI), in collaboration with Seattle Pacific University. I hold the distinguished status of Psychologist Diplomat and Psychologist Fellow, as well as Certified Relationship Specialist awarded by The American Psychotherapy Association.

I have extensive experience in Relational Recovery-Life and Parent Coaching. I assist people, parents, couples, and families in enhancing their recovery process and helping them develop the skills necessary for establishing satisfying relationships, while at the same time maintaining long term abstinence and developing a resilient recovery relational life. I am dedicated to coaching people to live intentionally, and in so doing, enhance their life-satisfaction and boost the overall quality of their relational life.

My Parent and Life Coaching orientation is shaped by humanistic and existential philosophies, inspired and greatly influenced by the theories and practices of Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry. I strongly believe that through the process of tapping into personal values, needs, and aspirations; focusing on strengths; and personal and relational resources; clients can and will develop individual and relational competence and as a result will flourish in ways never before experienced.

Parent Recovery-Coaching

Parent Recovery Life-Coaching is specifically designed and directed toward parents who are dealing with their adolescent or adult child's substance abuse or addiction, and/or other various addictions.

As a clinical psychologist, Certified Life Coach, and PCI Certified Parent Coach®, I have a unique specialty in both addiction and in the recovery process. This specialty combined with my expertise in relationship-enhancement has helped me over the years in assisting parents, couples and families who are dealing with addictions, to re-connect and to re-establish harmony and love in their relationships. As a result, parents, their children, and their families as a whole, experience wellness, contentment and an overall enhancement of the quality of their personal and relational life.

Through Parent Recovery-Coaching, parents will develop and enhance their knowledge of addiction and develop understanding of how family members and family dynamics are impacted when alcohol and/or drugs are used, or addictive practices take over the family system. Through Parent Coaching, parents will learn more effective and compassionate ways to confidently deal with their circumstances. They are guided and supported to boost their self-care through the coaching process, and are assisted in exploring, identifying, designing and implementing their preferred future and their parenting dreams. This process is based on identifying and building on parents' strengths and on their most cherished core values. Parents report that via the coaching process, they feel supported and cared about which all culminates in the realization of their preferred Relational Life. Ultimately, Parent Coaching helps individuals, parents, children, and families become more emotionally and relationally competent, more connected, much happier, and more resilient, which further allows them to better function and cope with the ever changing demands and challenges of life.

Parent Recovery-Coaching thereby contributes to a greater sense of well being, relational contentment and happiness, and an overall enhancement of the Quality of Life.

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