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Parent Express for 06-Jun-2011

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Gloria DeGaetano

This issue of Parent Express features Summer Reading for Parents! If you haven't visited our articles page recently, I invite you to do so. We have added several new ones by PCI Certified Parent Coaches® who enjoy sharing their expertise with parents. Below you will find a sampling. Enjoy!

And Happy Summer to you and your family!

Gloria DeGaetano, Founder and CEO

PCI Training

Our Summer Session is Filled!

Apply now for Fall Quarter 2011 Parent Coach Certification® Training Program.

Apply before August 1 to receive a $450.00 tuition discount. Begin Course 1 phone classes the week of September 26, 2011. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please send in the basic application as the first step. Download the application here. Once we receive this document, we will contact you for a phone interview. Transcripts and reference letters can follow the basic application by a few weeks.

Please note: Phone classes are in the evening time, usually at 5PM or 6PM (Pacific Time) to accommodate the work schedules of our students.

Questions? Please call (425) 401-1519 or email

"Gloria, thank you for the suggestions and all of your guidance. The program is amazing and I am having a blast coaching! Blessings…."
Joy Wilds, PCI Certified Parent Coach®
West Bend, Wisconsin
Helpful Articles

Visit The PCI's articles page to see more! Here is a partial list:

Parent Coaching—A Creative Re-Discovery Process
  by Gloria DeGaetano

Let's Pretend
  by Diane Kelly

Hide and Seek: Tips to Finding Opportunities
  by Pam Cantone

Are Your Children in a Race to Nowhere?
  by Marni Parsons

Remaining True to Yourself in Intercultural Situations
  by Nita Talwar

Present…To Our Children, To Our Lives
  by Alice Hanscam

Parents Matter Most
  by Tim Brady

Movie Review: Temple Grandin
  by Mary Funari

Successful Parent Conferences
  by Rhonda Moskowitz

Five Ways to Keep Stress at Bay
  by Patty Pless, MD

Book Review: College of the Overwhelmed
  by Kay Kimball Gruder

Making The Inevitable Impossible: A Book Review of Generation Text
  by Margann Duke

Making the Most of Summer Break
  by Connie Hammer

Who Will You Invite to Your Child's Wedding?
  by Jennifer Watanabe

Your Teen and Screen Machine Multi-Tasking
  by Gloria DeGaetano

Reflections on My Parents Who "Parented Well in a Media Age"
  by Elizabeth Patterson

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Lt. Col. Dave Grossman
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The Brain-Compatible Parenting System™, a 2-day training by Gloria DeGaetano
June 23 & 24 or August 3 & 4

This training is designed for family support professionals—teachers, counselors, social workers, parent coaches—who wish to give parent workshops on media/digital age issues. Given the time constraints of busy parent educators, this training provides four ready-to-go workshops on important media/digital issues. Participants receive four PowerPoint presentations with four workshop outlines for ease of presentation. For more information see the PDF flyer/registration form here. Questions, please call Gloria DeGaetano at (425) 401-1519.

Find a PCI Certified Parent Coach®
Our Web site is continually updated with new PCI graduates ready to meet you. Working with a parent coach who has received Parent Coach Certification® through The PCI™ is giving yourself a valuable gift as well as a sound investment in your family's future.

PCI Certified Parent Coaches® are caring, thoughtful professionals with years of experience working with parents. They have successfully completed The PCI™ Parent Coach Certification® Training Program—a comprehensive academic, one-year, graduate-level program in collaboration with Seattle Pacific University.

To find a PCI Certified Parent Coach® in your area, please click here or call us (425) 401-1519 for a referral to a PCI Certified Parent Coach® selected especially for you.

"I felt as if I had been liberated! Karen catered each of our sessions to my unique personality and parenting style. I am impressed with the resources, professionalism, and passion my coach brought to every session…I am now developing into the parent that I always wanted to be."
—Shae Taylor
Olympia, Washington

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