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Parent Express for 05-Aug-2010

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Gloria DeGaetano

August brings with it sunshine (hopefully, we have to say here in the Pacific Northwest) and end of summer, get-ready-for-school days. These days often can be hectic and feel hurried after the slower days of summer.

In this month's Parent Express, we feature two articles that can help you keep some semblance of calm during the summer to fall transitions. Alice Hanscam's article on being attentive and fully present to our children serves as a wise reminder. Often, we know we need to slow down and attend to our kids, but life does easily get in the way. Alice, a PCI Certified Parent Coach® in Anchorage ( provides wonderful information and inspiration for busy parents at this time of the year.

We are fortunate that Barb Bushey, PCI Certified Parent Coach® and PCI instructor has written a follow-up to her popular article, "Please Put Down the Remote and Pick Up the Children's Books." In her new article, she continues the theme of how we can use literature to meet our children's needs. I know many of you are getting back into the daily reading habit with the start of school, so you will be delighted with the insights and observations Barb shares.

All of us at the Parent Coaching Institute wish you and your family a smooth transition from summer leisure to school learning!

Warm Regards,

Gloria DeGaetano, Founder and CEO

"Thank you! I love the content of the course and I have to say, I am now ever more honored to be a part of your team, Gloria. Thank you for granting me this opportunity."
—Rasmegh Phlaphongphanich
Bangkok, Thailand, PCI Student
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Barb Bushey, PCI Certified Parent Coach®
South Lyon, Michigan
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"Thank you for helping all of us to find our true calling. My experience with the PCI has been genuinely transformational."
—Michelle Stravitz
PCI Certified Parent Coach®
Fairfax, Virginia
Featured Article

Present…To Our Children, To Our Lives

Alice Hanscam

by Alice Hanscam
PCI Certified Parent Coach®
Denali Parent Coaching

We are a nation of multi-taskers. What once seemed like an accusation has become an affirmation—if you can successfully multi-task, put a feather in your cap. Technology alone has increased our opportunities to accomplish things, as well as increased the things we need to accomplish. And I wonder, at what cost to the important relationships around us?

As your attention gets pulled in multiple directions, how are you feeling? Satisfied at accomplishing so much? Energized by your success? Or perhaps, like many of my clients, you are feeling frenzied and stressed, finding relief and ease only when you've put multi-tasking aside, bringing your attention to what's right in front of you—maybe a chore, or more often your child.

As parents, we are continuously looking at what's best for our children. How often have you found yourself saying, "Not now, I'm busy," "Yes, I'm listening," "Let me just do one more thing," "Just a minute…maybe later…I'll be right back." Are these familiar to you? What message are we giving our children when in so many of our interactions with them our attention is divided? It seems to me as if we are saying, "You are not important enough to have my full attention." How sad. We are, intentionally or not, communicating disrespect to our children—these same kids we find ourselves wishing would "show us some respect" come teen years!

Take a moment and think about an experience with your child that left you feeling absolutely wonderful. What were you doing? Where was your attention? How were you both feeling? Most likely it was a time when you were involved in something together—be it a walk through the zoo, a board game after dinner, a wrestling match leaving you both belly laughing. Or maybe it was being there for your daughter when she was struggling deeply with something.

Read the Rest of the Article…

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The Self-Aware Parent: 19 Lessons for Growing with Your Children
PCI Certified Parent Coach® Cathy Cassani Adams, LCSW, CPC has accepted a position as Adjunct Faculty/Associate Professor in the Sociology department at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois. The university appreciated her "real world experience" of working with parents and families. Congratulations, Cathy, on this exciting new opportunity.

Cathy Cassani Adams

Cathy is an author, parent coach, speaker, and yoga teacher who offers presentations and yoga classes in the Chicago area. She can be contacted at:


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Featured Article

Back issues of Parent Express are available on The PCI™ Web site. There you can read articles by Gloria DeGaetano and PCI Certified Parent Coaches®, and easily send past issues to friends and colleagues via e-mail.

"I am so glad I read that article in Southwest Airlines in-flight magazine regarding parent coaching. Meeting you, the others associated with the PCI and going through your training has really changed me. I now feel I have found the path I want to be on…after so many years of wandering and wondering. Thank you!"
—Louise Stewart
PCI Certified Parent Coach® and PCI Board Member
Dallas, Texas
Featured Article

Meeting Our Children's Needs Reduces Stress and Helps to Minimize Discipline Problems

Barb Bushey

by Barb Bushey
PCI Certified Parent Coach® and PCI Instructor

As a continuation of my first article "Please Put Down the Remote and Pick Up the Children's Books," I would like to further share with our readers how we can use literature to meet our children's needs. If we see our children acting out or withdrawing, we become concerned. As well, we should. However, we are often times at a loss as to what the problem may be.

I have used Dr. William Glasser's five basic needs and Gloria DeGaetano's Vital Five® (DeGaetano, G., 2004, Parenting Well in a Media Age) to assist me with these problems and situations. We all have five basic needs according to Dr. William Glasser. The first need is the need for survival this includes air, water, food, shelter, and good health. If this need is not being met, we will do anything possible to get it met. The four other basic needs are love and belonging, power, fun, and freedom. You may be saying to yourself what does this have to do with my child's behavior. These needs are directly related to both our behavior as parents and our children's behavior. If our needs or our children's needs are not met, we will behave in ways to get these met. This behavior can be positive or negative and especially as a child, we don't care what these behaviors are as long as we get these needs met (Glasser, W., 1998, Choice Theory, pp. 25–43).

Read the Rest of the Article…

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