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Parent Express for 04-May-2009

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Parent Express Ezine
Welcome to Parent Express, the PCI e-zine! Here you will find updates on the Parent Coaching Institute, along with ideas and practical tips for the parenting journey.

Calling all Moms—are you schooled in the three L's: Live, Laugh, and Love? Our special Mother's Day issue features a wonderful article by PCI Certified Parent Coach® and Parent Educator, Winnie Moen. Besides being a professional in family support, Winnie is a mom of five children. Her insights are witty, practical, and chock full of wisdom. This is an article you'll want to print and pass on to your mom pals or even put on the refrigerator door for the kids to read!

In another wise article (on right hand side below) Laureen Chang, a PCI Certified Parent Coach® and mom writes eloquently about giving our children balance between learning independence and, at the same time helping them to know when to be wise enough to ask for help—vulnerable enough for dependence. Her work at Coaching for a Healthy Family helps parents support these important processes. I know you will value her perceptions, as well.

As we celebrate mothers this month, may we be ever grateful for all the hard work, sacrifices, and deep, fierce love of all mothers—everywhere. We wouldn't be us without them!

Gloria DeGaetano, Founder and CEO

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Featured Article

Live. Laugh. Love. And Learn.

by Winnie Moen
M. Ed., PCI Cerified Parent Coach®

It has been an honor and a privilege to be the Mother of my five children and the birth of each one is etched in my memory as the best moments of my life. While reflecting upon my 20 years of motherhood, I was chuckling about how much my children have taught me. I'm sure most of us are familiar with the saying "Live. Laugh. Love.", but when it comes to parenting, I think we need to add a fourth "L," Learn.

Live. A really big lesson that I am still learning is to live with intention. You have heard that actions speak louder than words. Kids are like little video recorders storing everything that we do. Children follow the example set by their parents. Every parent quickly learns this the first time their child repeats something they said. The example we set is every bit as important as the words we say and, as parents, we need to walk the talk. My boys are very respectful to me, because their Father treats me with respect. We feel okay when curbing their TV watching, because their Dad and I watch very little TV.

It is also important to put things in perspective as we move through our lives. For years I fought getting a dog, always saying no when asked. Then one day I asked myself what would benefit my children the most- a very clean home or a pretty clean home along with the experience of the care and nurturing of a dog? We have had our dog, Baxter, for 4 years now and he has added so much to our family! My children know that it was a big sacrifice to allow them to have this pet. They tell me often how grateful they are to have him. Sometimes, the best thing for our children is to gently say no to things they ask for. But there are also many opportunities to show them we are capable of changing our minds if we think there is a good reason to do so. I'm glad I rethought this and was willing to change my mind. I am a better parent when I am being mindful and helping our children live life to the fullest.

Laugh. Another important insight I've gained from being a mother is to have a sense of humor! Laugh and have fun! We take everything way too seriously these days! It is very well known in our house that Mom turns into a monster at bedtime, especially when the children are still awake and it is getting late.

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Gloria DeGaetano Invited to Speak for Edna S. Thomas Lecture Series
Ten years ago, Judy Thomas Lewis had a dream—to begin a lecture series for the community that would inspire and enrich their lives on behalf of her deceased mother. Judy invited Gloria to deliver the first lecture in what was to be a most successful event for the city of Nashville. Gloria has been invited back for the tenth anniversary of the lecture series, sponsored by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, on October 6, 2009. She will speak on Parenting Well in a Media Age. Gloria is a sought after national and international speaker whose books have sold over 100,000 copies and have been translated into seven languages. For more information, please see

Important New Video Released
The Media Education Foundation has just released a new film called Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood. The film takes a powerful look at how corporations relentlessly target children and the impact of that marketing.

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood members all over the country are hosting screenings of Consuming Kids in their communities. Check to see if there's a screening near you.

If there isn't a screening near you, why not host your own? It's a great chance to bring your friends and neighbors into the growing movement to reclaim childhood from corporate marketers. Many public libraries, universities, places of worship, community centers, and schools will gladly make space available for community film screenings. Or you can host a screening in your own home.

Mom's Influence Pays Off!
Sometimes it seems that we talk and talk to our kids and they aren't getting our message. Margann Duke, a counselor and PCI coach in training in Reno, Nevada, tells this story that reveals more may be happening than we know:

"When I got home last night my husband had been 'daddy in charge' so of course the kids ended up with McDonald's for dinner, but it was surprisingly quiet. Then, as soon as my two year-old knew I was home she ran up to me, yelling, "I tell daddy no, no, no!" Puzzled, I asked my husband what she was talking about. He sheepishly told me that he had taken her and my seven year-old to the family room to watch a video so that he could go and help the older kids with homework. The seven year-old didn't look a gift horse in the mouth, he just went with it. But, my little one told him "No, daddy. Mommy NO TV!" and she ran over and turned it off!"

"In my search for ways to reunite my soul with my roles as parent and parent educator, I discovered the PCI! My training as a Parent Coach through the PCI set in motion for me a radically invigorating process of professional renewal and personal transformation. I continue to be inspired by the marvelous synthesis of theories, ideas, resources, and practical strategies that characterize the PCI coaching model and render it so effective in working with parents today. I received everything I needed to create my own coaching practice and to coach well. No detail was missed and the opportunities for continuing support and development from the PCI are unparalleled. Thank you PCI!"
—Dulcie Gretton, PCI Certified Parent Coach®
Calgary, Canada

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The Independent Individual—An Evolutionary Process

by Laureen Chang
PCI Certified Parent Coach®

I've been thinking about the cycle of life recently, particularly relating to the evolution of a certain characteristic we strive to instill in our children—independence.

Independence is a highly valued trait in our American culture. Perhaps it stems from the fact that we are descended from English pilgrims, European refugees and Asian immigrants who were by nature more adventurous and self-sufficient enough to leave their homes and forge a new life in a distant land. We encourage our children to become self-reliant and guide them towards this independence first physically, followed perhaps emotionally and academically, and finally financially. Independence is the final goal we tell ourselves.

Zandie, my first born, is graduating from college in May. I can't believe how fast 21 years flew by. I marvel at how this child of mine, once so full of anxiety at each new school year, became so independent that she is now searching for jobs on four continents. I wonder what part we played in it and what events provided the forum for her to become so self-reliant.

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