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Parent Express for 18-Mar-2008

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Welcome to Parent Express, the PCI e-zine! Here you will find updates on the Parent Coaching Institute, along with ideas and practical tips for the parenting journey.

As I settle back in the US from my trip to Turkey where I gave several presentations on Media Globalization and Restoring Parents as "Transmitters of Culture," I am spending time re-living all the wonderful community I experienced there—so many opportunities for people of all ages to share and join in discussions. Along with a perceived sense of connection, it was thrilling to observe how everyone seemed to know they belonged. Lots of happy children, vital adults, and groups of energetic citizens working together harmoniously.

At the PCI, we too, are creating a productive, creative community. About 40 of us gathered the weekend of March 6-9 to envision together, learn and share interesting ideas and refresh friendships. The people who come into the PCI Parent Coach Certification® program all have a deep calling to work hard to make this world a better place. And it shows…in the synergy we create when we come together and in the way we all feel when we leave each other to go back to our individual work—invigorated, exhilarated, and better for having come together.

Jennifer Watanabe, PCI Certified Parent Coach® and owner of asks an interesting question in this month's featured article, "Who Will You Invite to Your Child's Wedding?" She goes on to discuss the importance of adult relationships—authentic community—in a child's development. Community isn't a frill. It's a necessity.

Let's all work to surround our children with a warm, loving community…not only for them, but for the good of all.

Happy Spring!

Gloria DeGaetano, Founder and CEO

PCI Training

"Gloria, words can't express how thrilled I am to have found the PCI and this amazing program. Thank you for all you do to keep the PCI moving forward and onward. Your efforts, sacrifices, and vision continue to bless families within the PCI and those we coach."
—Peggy Fitzpatrick, Mountain Lakes, NJ

Take Advantage of Early Registration for Summer Quarter!

Applications are now being accepted for entrance Summer Quarter for the Parent Coach Certification® Training Program with phone classes for Course 1 beginning the week of June 23. Phone classes are in the evening time to accommodate work schedules of our students.

The first ten people to send in their application prior to May 15 will receive $500.00 off the cost of tuition.

Deadline to apply for Summer Quarter is June 6. Spaces are limited. Early applications receive first consideration.

Please send in the basic application as your first step. Transcripts and letters of reference can follow the basic application by a few weeks. Download the application here. Send to the PCI at: 1400-112th Ave. SE, Bellevue, WA 98004. Questions? Please call: (425) 401-1519.

Learn more about our acclaimed, graduate-level, distance-learning Parent Coach Certification® Program by clicking here for more information.

Check out our Video About the PCI Parent Coach Training Program and see what professionals think about their training with the PCI.

"Since becoming a parent coach student, I have grown to have a strong emotional and spiritual link to the PCI, its vision, its future, and, of course, its founder. I have experienced great personal growth through my year of working to become certified as a parent coach. I have seen many changes in myself, in my family dynamics and in my supervisory role in my work life. These changes can be directly traced to my studies and practice of the principles and vision of the Parent Coaching Institute. I have come to believe that the world can be changed, and will be changed, by the practice of these principles and through the coaching relationship."
—Connie Anderson, Newcastle, WA

"The whole PCI experience has made every breath more fun."
—Dede Barnes, Cottonwood, CA

For Parents

Working with a parent coach who has received Parent Coach Certification® through the PCI is giving yourself a valuable gift as well as a sound investment in your family's future. PCI Certified Parent Coaches® are caring, thoughtful professionals with years of experience working with parents. They have successfully completed the PCI Parent Coach Certification® Training Program—a comprehensive academic one-year, graduate-level program in collaboration with Seattle Pacific University. Through a series of coaching conversations that can be either by telephone or in person, PCI Parent Coaches help you re-discover your dreams and design your life for more joy and satisfaction.

To find a PCI Parent Coach in your area, please click here or call (425) 401-1519 for a referral to a PCI Parent Coach selected especially for you.


Visit to listen to programs featuring PCI Certified Parent Coaches® and other experts from around the country discussing topics of interest to moms and dads.

Programs are available as podcasts. Listeners can download individual episodes directly, listen to them from this site using a Web browser, or via the iTunes podcast directory. iTunes subscribers will automatically pick up new episodes as they become available!

Featured Article

Who Will You Invite to Your Child's Wedding?

by Jennifer Watanabe, PCI Certified Parent Coach®

A few years from now, your child may be getting married. As traditions go, each side of the wedding party gets to invite close family and friends to the big celebration. Who will you be celebrating with? Who will care about your child's happy event?

Who do you know now who will be there with your family to celebrate life's joys in the years ahead: a child's birthday, a graduation, a special achievement, the birth of a new child?

What about the sadness? Who can you call on in the event of a job loss, financial hardship, serious illness or death?

While our children are still young, you can build, develop and sustain friendships with other families and caring adults who will be an important part of your child's life.

M. Scott Peck in his The Road Less Traveled series says building friendships is our way of building "intentional community." The idea of having reciprocal relationships between caring adults is one where children and adults benefit.

When parents have parent-to-parent support, they are less isolated. The less isolated parents feel, the more likely they will know they are not alone. Many of our parenting challenges ease with the comfort of knowing other parents are going through the same trying experiences.

Read the Rest of the Article…

Time and Space for Play

Over the past few weeks, the importance of play has been highlighted on NPR and in a wonderful article in the New York Times Magazine, "Taking Play Seriously". (If you are not registered with the Times online, it takes only a few minutes to complete the free registration process.) Both of these articles are indicative of new research linking what we know about children's brain development in the context of play in order to grow the full potential of cognitive capabilities and emotional/social health. Play and self-regulation are intricately connected. We must help parents understand that during the 4–5 hours a day a child is with a screen machine, he/she does not and cannot develop self-regulation and all the cognitive functions such as selective attention and metacognition that are a natural outgrowth of time spent in self-directed play activities.

New Booklet on Kids and Consumerism

The Center for a New American Dream has released an excellent 32-page booklet, "Tips for Parenting in a Commercial Culture." Free copies can be requested on their Web site.

Movement and Learning

Rae Pica's Web site has great resources and informative articles that promote movement and learning from birth through age 8—so important because unfortunately, small screens saturate much of our children's daily lives. That needs to change…and change fast as childhood is short. What is lost in those early years cannot be easily found ever again.

Upcoming Events

Margaret Wheatley Speaks in Seattle
Tuesday April 8, 7 to 9 p.m.
Seattle University, Pigott Auditorium

Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life (SEEL) of Puget Sound is hosting a special presentation featuring noted author and speaker Margaret Wheatley. A reception will follow the presentation. Tickets are $40 per person and are limited at the door. This SU hosted event is part of the 25th anniversary of SEEL (sponsored ministry of the Oregon Province of Jesuits); all funds raised will go to support the mission of SEEL. For more information, please see the flyer.

CCPPNS Convention
April 11–13
Cherishing Childhood

Gloria DeGaetano will be the Keynote Speaker on April 12 for the annual California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools Convention at the Hilton/Irvine Orange County Airport. She will be speaking on Cherishing and Preserving Childhood in our Screen Machine World, along with giving two workshops on gender stereotypes in the media and what to do about them. For more information visit the CCPPNS Web site.

Oregon Parenting Education and Support Conference
April 28 & 29

Gloria DeGaetano will be a Keynote Speaker at Parenting Now's Conference in Eugene, Oregon. Parenting Now, a division of Birth to 3, is dedicated to sharing information to strengthen and celebrate families. Gloria will speak on Cherishing Childhood in Our Screen Machine World and will provide a workshop component on Computers in Early Childhood. To register or for more information, please contact Mika Singer, Managing Director, (541) 349-7783 or

Parenting Tip

Gear up for summer reading now by taking a look at the new medal winners and honorable mentions. The American Library Association recently announced the winners for 2008. These lists dating back to 1922 are a treasure trove of wonderful reading materials for kids of all ages.

For young children, visit the Caldecott Winners.

For older children and young teens, visit the Newberry Winners.

And you may want to check out a new resource book: University of Southern Florida Literacy instructor Nancy Anderson recently released her book, What Should I Read Aloud: A Guide to 200 Best Selling Picture Books for Children, sure inspiration to keep your young ones absorbed in the very best books for several months!


This issue of Parent Express was originally published March 18, 2008. Some content, contact information, and links may be out of date, and the conversion from the original email edition may introduce formatting inconsistencies.

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