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Parent Express for 29-Oct-2007

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Welcome to Parent Express, the PCI e-zine! Here you will find updates on the Parent Coaching Institute, along with ideas and practical tips for the parenting journey.

I remember a time when I took my sons, then ages, 4 and 6 to a weekend outing with three of my women friends. There we were in a small cabin by the shores of Puget Sound sequestered in a cramped place because of blustering winds and heavy rain. My kids were not only driving me nuts, they were driving my friends mad as well.

Growing two rambunctious boys to mature adulthood certainly had challenging moments and that weekend was one of them. Our featured article this month, My Kids are Driving Me Crazy, by PCI Certified Parent Coach® Kari Pendray, tells the story we all can relate to at one time or another.

Kari's focus is centered in the heart of what we most value; what is most sacred. Her company name, Sacred Art of Life says it all. Even in the midst of the craziness, the sacred can be found as we love and cherish our children.

Soon to enter the hectic holiday season, Kari's wonderful words help us to gather our energies and remind us it's often work to keep centered. In addition, she gives us great ideas for enjoying our children and the blessings of parenting—even when they drive us crazy!

Wishing you joy on the parenting adventure!

Gloria DeGaetano, Founder and CEO

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Applications are now being accepted for entrance Winter Quarter for the Parent Coach Certification® Training Program with phone classes for Course 1 beginning the second week of January 2008. Phone classes are in the evening time to accommodate work schedules of our students. Application deadline for Winter Quarter is December 1, 2007. Early applicants applying before November 1 will receive a $500.00 discount off tuition fee.

Please send in the basic application as your first step. Transcripts and letters of reference can follow the basic application by a few weeks. Download the application here. Send to the PCI at: 1400-112th Ave. SE, Bellevue, WA 98004. Questions? Please call: (425) 401-1519.

We require candidates to have an undergraduate degree and at least two years of either professional or volunteer experience working with parents in such capacities as a teacher, parent educator/mentor, counselor, mental health professional, social worker, or community health worker.

Learn more about our acclaimed, graduate-level, distance-learning Parent Coach Certification® Program by clicking here for more information.

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"I am so grateful to be a graduate of the PCI, where the very fiber of this institute is universally and authentically dedicated to the genuine well-being of families. The integrity of the institute, and Gloria's unending knowledge, and devotion to excellence, makes the PCI outstanding in its contribution to this important field of parent coaching and the world of parenting. Thank you PCI—I love being a change agent and a part of the PCI! "
—Lori Jo Kemper, The Parenting Path®
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Working with a parent coach who has received Parent Coach Certification® through the PCI is giving yourself a valuable gift as well as a sound investment in your family's future. PCI Certified Parent Coaches® are caring, thoughtful professionals with years of experience working with parents. They have successfully completed the PCI Parent Coach Certification® Training Program—a comprehensive academic one-year, graduate-level program in collaboration with Seattle Pacific University. Through a series of coaching conversations that can be either by telephone or in person, PCI Parent Coaches help you re-discover your dreams and design your life for more joy and satisfaction.

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Featured Article

My Kids Are Driving Me Crazy!

by Kari Pendray, PCI Certified Parent Coach®

Yesterday, I woke up at 2:30 A.M. after getting about 3½ hours of sleep. I fed my baby her morning bottle, had a strong cup of Pete's coffee with a water chaser. A few moments later, my two kids were running (and crawling) around the house chasing each other and screaming. I thought to myself, "My kids are driving me crazy!"

Does this sound familiar at all? If so, please hear me out….

So, how do our kids drive us crazy? Do they really intend to start the day off and say, "I'm going to make my mom go through the roof today?" Or, could it be that, we, as parents, need to be conscious of the role of having a good parent-child fit, and how it can impact child development?

In one of my favorite parenting books, Proactive Parenting: Guiding Your Child from Two to Six, written by the faculty of Tufts University, researchers found that, when there is a good fit between a child's individual characteristics and those of his /her parents, then the child will develop in a healthy, positive direction. However, the opposite is also true. When there is a mismatch, or poor fit, children begin to show problems, such as, behavioral issues and developmental delay.

How can we generate a good fit with our children with so many other chores on our "To Do" list? Proactive Parenting has a few suggestions. First, it's important to find out where the parent-child fit is not well matched. Is there a regular action that seems to cause the most frustration, such as, mealtimes, bed time, TV time, nap time? What happens? How can you and the child more easily adjust? When do you get easily upset? When does your child get easily upset?

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This study isn't actually new, but it is new to us at the PCI. Thanks to Gloria DeGaetano's work with The Family Policy Council of Washington State, we found out about this incredibly important study. The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study of 2002 was conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and the cooperation of over 17,000 adults at Kaiser Permanente's Department for Preventive Medicine in San Diego, California. The study looks at nine adverse childhood experiences such as child abuse, physical neglect, and domestic violence and finds significant correlations to adult health issues such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. This study, used by the Family Policy Council to advocate for preventative measures in childhood, is a critical tool for all of us in family support.

Upcoming Events

Workshop Opportunity:
November 2

Advertising, Commercial Culture, and Children

Dr. Nilufer Ocel, Professor of Communications, University of Istanbul, and Gloria DeGaetano, founder of the PCI and author of Parenting Well in a Media Age.

Dr. Ocel will discuss the growing concerns in Turkey related to advertising and children. She will discuss the nature of communication for children and the communication environment in Turkey. Topics include home media, media exposure and peer impact, constructing identities and multiple identities, and children's identity and citizenship in Europe. In the afternoon session Dr. Ocel and Gloria DeGaetano will invite audience participation to discuss the growing concerns around the globe and what we as educators and parents can do about it in our homes, schools, and communities.

Friday, November 2
8:30 AM–4:00 PM
Cost: $105.00
(includes lunch and workshop materials)
Conference Center/Bellefield Office Park (directions given when registering)

To register: Please call (425) 401-1519 or email

Why Try Parent Coaching?

by Gloria DeGaetano

Recently a 35 year-old working mom told me, "I'll take process over problem-solving any day!" Meg had found out that parent coaching actually solves problems by not working on them. It's paradoxical, but true. By paying more attention to the actual process of discovery of what works and by holding the vision of our goal or preferred future, we not only solve identified problems, we attract more good into our lives than we ever thought possible. During the course of the coaching relationship, the changes that occur come from deep within—accompanied by many pleasant surprises!

PCI parent coaching, unlike problem-solving, is truly a transformational process. In their book, Seven Languages for Transformation: How the Way We Talk Can Change the Way We Work (Jossey-Bass, 2001), Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow point out, "When we solve a problem quickly the one thing we can usually be certain of is that we ourselves are the same people coming out of the problem as we were going into it." (p. 43) Coaching, however changes us in fundamental ways. The shared relationship between the parent and coach produce regularly-occurring miracles. Actually these "miracles" are the natural outcome of coach and client working together in a type of sacred zone, synergistically moving forward, together delighted and often surprised, about how problems get "solved."

The parent coaches at the PCI know the immense value of this seemingly mysterious, yet deeply practical process. That's why we typically don't do only one or even a few coaching sessions. As coaches we are not there to give advice as much as we are to catalyze creativity in the parents we work with. This is so much more fun. And truly power-full. Why settle for anything small when we clearly know how huge the results are when parents give time for the coaching process to work its miracles?

In is essence, PCI parent coaching is about asking beautiful questions. Poet, e. e. cummings, has written: "Always a more beautiful answer that asks a more beautiful question." A parent coach can ask present us with questions that most of us wouldn't think to ask of ourselves. Their beauty lies in how elegantly they get to the heart of the matter and how care-fully and thought-fully they are constructed to affirm parents' inner strengths and direct their creative energy to what is working.

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